Does Kishu Charcoal Really Work?

Kishu Charcoal is out there with claims that it will purify your drinking water. But how, you might wonder. It does this by having a chemical reaction to the activated charcoal. The charcoal will naturally bonds with the chemicals in the water such as Chlorine, that is found in many city water supply. You might also be interested in DIY Charcoal Water Filters.

Kishu Charcoal does work for some chemicals but not all. Things like Floride it will not work with with the Kishu Charcoal stick as the molecule is too small for the stick to attract. However, Chloride is a very large molecule and it is easily trapped. So, the Kishu Charcoal does work, but not for all chemicals. It still adds the natural great ingredients the activated charcoal can do. Things like Iron and Calcium to name a few. This is what gives filtered water with Charcoal such a great flavor. Binchu Charcoal is similar in many ways.

How Kishu Charcoal works

Kishu Charcoal is ready to use right out of the package. It starts as soon as you put it into the water and there are 3 sizes available for purchase. You can get them on the go, regular or X-large. This style of water filtration does take a bit of time, so prepping ahead of time might be a good idea. For a 16 oz glass of water, it will take about 1 hour to filter. For the larger sizes it can take several hours and the X-large can take 24 hours. So, planning ahead is key to this.

These Kishu Charcoal sticks last about 4 months. During this time you will need to boil the stick to clean it about once a month to clean out the sticks pores. This is a fairly simple process. Place it in a shallow pan that is completely covered by water and boil for 30 mins before reusing. A small amount of flaking may occur during this process as well as during use. This is okay, it will not harm you in any way. And, all of this is gone over inside the nice packaging that comes with your stick.

The Kishu Charcoal Sticks Afterlife

Now that it’s been 4 months and your stick is in need of disposal, but what if we told you that you can use it for other purposes? It is a great room deodorizer or put in the fridge to catch those nasty food smells. They can be used to put in the garden for better water absorption. Place it near the trashcan to contain the odors or if you have pets. These are great for pet areas as well. Keep boiling them from time to time to clean out their pores and give them a fresh start.

What Chemicals does Kishu Charcoal Sticks

Kishu Charcoal is made from Charcoal that has been activated. What this means is the wood was heated to a high temperature while depriving it from the Oxygen which then makes the wood become carbonized. Kishu Charcoal is 97% pure activated charcoal.

It is effective in removing Lead, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, Uranium and Molybdenum. And, is not effective for fluoride removal. It leaves your water with a great crisp clean taste that many actually enjoy. In addition to removing these particles, it also adds 3 minerals to your water, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium to give it more of a health benefit. To effectively remove Chloride, the water needs to have a longer exposure as suggested above.