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Wellness Water offers the most advanced, all-in-one solution for your whole home or commercial building. Our systems remove all toxins, re-add beneficial minerals, while softening and alkalizing the water.

We believe healthy water is a basic human right. Because of this, 10% of corporate profits are donated to the Water 4 Mercy project.  -Ryan Stuart, CEO

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What’s Really in Your Water?

There are over 250 contaminants commonly found in American drinking water. In truth, even if your home water is regulated by state and local governments, it doesn’t make it safe to drink or even use. Why? Because well regulated (legal) does not mean scientifically proven to be safe. This is why a whole house water filter is critical in helping eliminate those toxic contaminants which studies show can cause many health risks including cancer.

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Why Choose A Whole House Water Filtration System

Premium Products

Our water and air treatment systems meet the highest industry standards, and are assembled and shipped from our Chicago factory.

Better Taste

INGREDIENT-QUALITY WATER. Not only will your tap water taste dramatically better, but so will meals and beverages prepared with it.

Better Laundry

Clothes will look brighter and feel softer when you pull them from the dryer.

Saves You Money

Softer water means water-using appliances last longer, and soap and detergent usage is drastically reduced.

Lifetime Warranty

We back our products with the industry’s most comprehensive warranties and unparalleled service through our worldwide dealer network.

Tested & Certified

Our products undergo rigorous, independent third-party testing to ensure our water treatment systems perform as advertised.

Common Problems With Home Water

Tap Water

Find the common problems you can have with your tap water:

  • Bad Taste
  • Chlorine Odor
  • Cloudy
  • Fishy Odor
  • Musty Odor
  • Rotten Egg Odor
  • Off-Color
Kitchen Appliances

Find the common problems you can have with your kitchen appliances:

  • Cloudy Ice Cubes
  • Water Spotting

  • Fishy Odor
  • Water Staining
  • Frequent Dishwasher Repairs

Find the common problems you can have with your Laundry:

  • Excessive Soap Usage
  • Lack of Suds
  • Scale Buildup
  • Stiff Laundry
  • Water Staining
Shower & Bath

Find the common problems you can have with your Shower & Bath:

  • Dull, Limp Hair
  • Water Spotting
  • Poor Lathering of Soaps & Shampoos
  • Water Spotting
  • Scale Buildup on Fixtures & Showerheads
  • Dry Skin
  • Soap Residue
  • Water Staining
Specific Contaminant

Find the common problems you can have with your Specific Contaminant:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Cysts (Giardia, Cryptosporidium)
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Nitrates
  • Heavy Metals
  • Turbidity
  • TDS
  • VOCs

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Entire Home Water Filtration System

Brands of Water Purification Systems:

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Home Master





Alkaline Water & Water Ionizer H2O For Under Your Sink

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Removes...Toxins, Cancer-Causing Agents, Bacteria, Fluoride, Chlorine, Metals, Heavy Metals, Radioactive Metals, PFAS, PFOS, Iron, Lead, Chromium, Atrazine, Nitrates, Fertilizers, Pesticides

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Top Reasons To Invest In A Whole House Water Purification System

The typical person’s water to drink contains over 200 contaminants. It’s actually upsetting when you take the time to take into consideration how unsafe water is really. You possibly can make it much safer by installing a water purification system, but a huge house one.

Whole house water filtration systems can remove toxic contaminants from your water. Not only that, but there are many other benefits that this system provides. This consists of:

Better Tasting Water

The first things you’ll notice when you use a filtering method is the taste of the water. After impurities have been removed, you’ll likely notice without delay how different it tastes. Not only that, yet your meals which require water might taste better.

Better Laundry

Impure water can leave clothes looking unclean and dingy. Once you’ve installed a filtering system, you’ll notice a serious improvement. The truth is, your clothes will feel softer, look better and they won’t have discolor because of impure water.

Spend Less

An additional benefit is spending less. Having a filtering method, it is possible to forget buying expensive soap and detergent. From the long-run, you’ll save lots of money.

Rather than hoping that your particular quality of water will improve, there exists another choice. That option is to find a huge house water purification system. As a result, you’ll notice another with your water. The truth is, you’ll notice a serious difference in just a short period of time, and you will never return to using unfiltered water.

Why Should You Purchase a Whole House Water Purification System?

Have you any idea that your particular h2o contains a lot more than 250 contaminants? Isn’t it unsettling when you realize that you drink impure and unsafe water each day? You ought to put an end for all this by installing an entire house water purification system immediately. This will take away the toxic contaminants that will make your drinking water unhealthy. In reality, there are many more great things about installing this sort of water purification system within your house.

• Better taste

You would probably believe that water doesn’t possess any taste but you will see a change the moment the water filter skims the impurities away. Apart from the improvement in taste of drinking water, your beverages and meals will likely taste better, now that you use pure water to prepare them.

• Better laundry

Light-colored clothes often look dingy whenever you clean these with hard or impure water. Once the whole house water purification system starts working, you will see a dramatic improvement while doing laundry. Your clothes won’t discolor like before and they would feel softer.

• Saves money

Using high-quality soft water means you don’t ought to invest a whole lot on detergent and soap anymore. This assists you save significantly each month.

It’s best to install the entire house water filtration system without delay as an alternative to waiting around for this type of water quality to further improve. You will notice a tremendous difference within the water quality immediately after the installation.

All water sources in Washington District of Columbia both for human use and consumption, whether it comes from wells, rivers, or lakes, contains some sort of contamination in a single form or other. The contamination may be a form that naturally occurs, like minerals, or it can be pathogens, byproducts, or man-made chemicals. For this reason by using a water purification method is necessary to boost your water quality. The process of water filtration could include chemical, physical, along with other solutions to eliminate every one of the impurities out of the water that it is safe to drink. Most water filtration systems that civic organizations install undergo sedimentation, flocculation, and coagulation to eliminate undissolved large solids, filtration for removing smaller particles, then finally disinfection to ensure that pathogens to become removed.
Inspite of the best efforts produced by municipal filtration plants, most homes receive water containing some chemicals and pollution that frequently can make it essential for households to set up a water filtration system to boost the quality of their water and ensure that it is safe. Every time a whole-house filter is installed at the stage where a residence receives its main water supply can help you to make certain that all the water that this home uses is good and it is safe for use and drink. A complete house water filter removes all contaminants out of your water. Improved quality water contributes to all water-using appliances, like heaters to possess longer lifespans, considering that the water that they can use is freed of all the minerals and chemicals that can lead to deposits forming.

Pure water includes a 7 pH value and most of groundwater systems have 6 to 8.5 pH values, which makes them either mildly alkaline or slightly acidic. Over 60 % of the body is comprised of water. This is why the water’s pH value could have a significant effect on the body’s overall chemistry. All the body’s processes from circulation, breathing, and digestion, to hormone production work to balance pH. It really is achieved by metabolized acid residues being removed to ensure that living cells are not damaged. Drinking water is great for maintaining the pH levels to avoid the cells from facing either an alkaline or acidic environment.

This sort of water contains mineral ions. All water naturally contains some minerals since it makes experience of rocks and sediment. Even rainwater which is frequently identified as pure water contains bicarbonate ions which it gets from co2 that is within the atmosphere naturally. Water that is certainly purified or distilled using the reverse osmosis process fails to contain any minerals, thus it is regarded as deionized water. There are RO filter makers that add cartridges with minerals so the final water that is certainly received has some ionization in mineral form. Alkaline ionized water with a higher than 7 pH, may help to reduce oxidation damage effects in body cells. The entire process of electromagnetism is commonly used by home water ionizers to separate positively charged minerals from negatively charged bicarbonate materials. Alkaline water is produced from the ionizer separation process and acidic water is separated in to a different chamber. Some studies propose that there may be health and fitness benefits related to drinking ionized alkaline water.

These different treatments that water undergoes via municipal filtration systems as then this whole house water filtration system can certainly make your water safe to drink and pure. There are numerous more water purifying methods as well as be twice as safe one of several systems could be installed with the water places in kitchens wherein a home accesses water which is used in cooking and then for water to drink also.

So that you can refine and clean the entire water supply which a home receives, water filter system must have a number of filtration media for the treatment of water. The initial stage of filtration is conducted by granular activated carbon that traps and absorbs microscopic particles and organic molecules which helps to reduce any bad taste or smells within the water. Very often municipal water contains bleach chlorine in addition to byproducts coming from disinfectants that infiltration systems use. Next, the liquid is sent through an ion exchanger from the water filtration system system. The ion exchanger contains electrically charged resin beads so that it removes the calcium and magnesium that induce hardness. It may include a bacteria inhibitor also to stop fungi and also other kinds of bacteria from growing within the water. Additional filtration media will eliminate each of the sedimentations in the water. Get the filtration you need for your H2O.

The phenomenon of osmosis is actually a natural procedure that involves weaker saline solutions migrating to stronger saline solutions. What reverse osmosis refers to is really a water purification process that eliminates unwanted molecules, large particles, and other ions out of your water. A partially permeable membrane is used through the process to get rid of impurities out from the water.

Water has to be passed through this membrane under pressure which results in greater than 95 percent of all of the dissolved salts through the water being absorbed with the membrane and that passes through is pure water.

The reverse osmosis process is utilized by an RO water purifier as a way to purify water. A majority of RO water purifiers have extra filters and carbon cartridges to offer initial purification for the water. Next, the filtered water needs with the membrane where the reverse osmosis process occurs and where membrane retains the dissolved solids and lets it drain out, which leads to some water being lost. Water that gets drained out has every one of the dissolved solids incorporated into it and can be utilized for other purposes other than cooking or drinking.

Minerals that are incorporated into water can cause deposits in heaters, pipes, and other sorts of water-using appliances. These types of deposits can significantly reduce these appliances’ efficiency and lower their lifespan as well. A water softener will greatly help remove every one of the minerals and makes water safe to drink or use. To soften water required magnesium and calcium to become removed that are dissolved inside of the water and so are often produced by natural sources. When water is softened it will help to make certain you should utilize less soap when cleaning. As deposits are reduced, it improves the life cycle water-using appliances and plumbing systems also. Reverse osmosis and ion exchange both are very successful in eliminating the minerals that cause water to be hard.

This particular water has a higher pH level when compared with regular water. This water has rich levels of alkalizing compounds including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Using and drinking alkaline water to help with neutralizing the acids contained within the bloodstream. this helps in order to avoid diseases such as cancer and heart problems. It might be beneficial to people who experience hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Studies are at the same time to be conducted on those theories but you can find no firm conclusions yet in Washington District of Columbia.

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This can be a fancy term for alkaline water. It is actually water which a Kangen machine makes, which is just a sophisticated ionizer. The Japanese word Kangen means “go back to origin” and also the term continues to be trademarked by way of a Japanese company. The benefits you can receive from alkaline water or Kangen water are exactly the same and so are based on the mineral hydrates which are enriched by the ionization process. Kangen water’s quality is dependent upon how efficient an ionizer is at converting mineral carbonates into their hydrates.

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What You Must Know About Whole House Systems Water Filtration? Installing a whole house water purification system is probably the best techniques to improve water quality in your home. It is not necessarily possible to obtain the benefits, which these systems offer, using their company techniques for improving water quality. On this page, we will share the most notable good reasons to get a whole house filtration system at your residence and that we may also share some of the items you should know before you decide to install this technique in your house. Top Reasons to Get a Whole House Water Filtration System 1. Save A Little Money It can be easy to save a lot of money in the long term by installing a huge house water purification system at home. You may even not understand that the device will save you a lot of cash. You may spend a significant amount of money every month on bottled water. You can eliminate these expenses by installing this system in your house. Also, the filtered water out of this system might help extend the lifespan of your respective appliances, especially the ones that use water. Using unfiltered water in your house increases the likelihood of mineral buildup with your household appliances. The mineral buildup damages your appliances with time and reduces the efficiency of your respective household appliances, which means you will spend more funds on repairs or replacements. Filtered water improves the lifespan of the household appliances and reduces your utility costs. Installing this technique usually leads to impressive savings. 2. Make Water Taste Better Utilize a whole house water filtration system to help make your water taste better. What this means is the liquid coming from your faucet will taste better. Installing this system ensures the water for brushing your teeth, cooking, washing, etc. is clean and tastes better. And it makes no difference the sink you employ. The water, containing minerals, chlorine, and also other harmful substances, has a unpleasant flavor and it is damaging to your health. You can expect to feel a metallic taste in unfiltered water, so make use of a whole house water filtration system to take out that metallic taste in your home’s h2o. 3. Get Healthier Skin and Hair The plain tap water, containing chlorine and other chemicals, usually causes physical reactions and irritations in your skin. Regular utilization of filtered water to shower can assist you get healthier hair and skin and it will also assistance with dry scalp. This means you will stop coping with flaking skin and dandruff, which happens to be a lot more beneficial throughout the winter months. You will love the adjustments with your appearance. What You Must Know About Alkaline Water You could possibly already be informed about the opportunity great things about alkaline water. The pH value of the typical regular faucet water is significantly below the pH price of alkaline water. The pH importance of the regional public water supplies is approximately 7, but alkaline has a pH price of around 8 or 9. Generally, we consume highly acidic water and food daily. This is why more and more people are afflicted by harmful negative effects. It has been verified that drinking alkaline water will help in dealing with acid reflux and more. Purchase and get a Kangen water machine if you would like alkaline water in your house. One of the best ways for enhancing the pH of your tap water is always to install this sort of machine at home. The device uses electrolysis to separate the plain tap water. Acidic surroundings boost bacteria growth and also other diseases, hence the work from the machine is always to balance the pH levels within your body. Top Good reasons to Use Water Softeners Water softeners are some of the few home investments that bring great returns. Water in many homes is tough, therefore the water contains lots of minerals. There are many disadvantages of hard water, including excessive dryness of hair and skin, water spots in your dishes, and lime accumulations on your own sinks and faucets. You and your family can benefit from installing a water softener. It is much easier to clean almost anything at home using soft water. Soft water also raises the lifespan of your own household appliances and it makes the appliances run better. Get a water softener to enhance your appearance. It is because this type of water in the water softener fails to clog your pores and yes it improves your hair’s texture. Why Is the Wellness Water Filtration System Different? One of the best reasons to select the system from Wellness Water Filtration Systems is mainly because the organization stands behind each one of its products. We not only possess the best customer support in the marketplace. We have the best warranty within the entire industry. We should allow you to install the best whole house water filtration system in your home, so our company is able to supply you with a free water quality assessment. Not every homes are identical since they have different requirements, therefore we are committed to helping our clients to get a system that matches the unique requirements in their homes. Our company of experts inspect every home and does a whole examination before you choose a system. Doing a full examination enables them to make a well informed choice. A complete house water purification system includes several positive aspects, so contact our team of experts for more information on these benefits. Feel comfortable you will definitely get something you will need if you want to go along with Wellness Water Purification System. Our filtering system will satisfy the unique requirements of your residence. Do not delay until it really is too far gone, so give us a call now at 855-939-0874. We shall share the possible savings and possible health benefits in the event you install each of your systems at your residence. All homeowners know the key benefits of fresh, clean water with their homes. However, the majority of these homeowners have no idea ways to get fresh, clean water with their homes. It is now time and energy to install this method in your home, specifically if you have been using hard water for several years. It is simple and fast to use Wellness Water Purification Systems to have insights and knowledge around the right system to put in in your home. It can be now time to increase your whole family’s health and wellness by installing an entire house water filtration system. Give us a call today!