If you want to learn how to make your own DIY Charcoal Water Filter to make from home then we have the perfect do it yourself guide.

Need a DIY Charcoal Water Filter and not understand how to make one? This is an easy project for anyone that finds themselves in a situation without proper water to drink. Water is one of the most important things for life. And, bad water can be fatal. So, be careful out there. Water is a part of everyday life and you should filter your water whenever possible. However, sometimes you are out camping and cannot find a good water source. This is where this trick will come in handy.

Charcoal water filter with some common things you find laying around a normal campsite. A 2-litre water bottle, some sand, charcoal (fresh and cooled preferably.) The two liter bottle is perfect as you can see your filter working in action. Cut the water bottle with a piece of grass or using a sharp stone, key, piece of bark, it’s usually not to hard to get done once you find something that will pierce the starter hole. Try to keep that as even as possible. You are cutting the bottom off. This will keep a nice funnel-like shape for your filtration process.

If a water bottle is not available. Look around for other options like bark, leaves and such to create this funnel-like shape for your filter. You want a large amount of water to go through the top and come out the small end in the bottom.

DIY Camping Filter

Once you have the bottle end cut you will need to poke a hole into the lid. This is where your cleaner water will filtrate out. We do recommend that you always boil your water even after you filter it to ensure all contamination is out.

Then, crush up the fresh charcoal from the fire you had last night. You want it to be in small bits, about the size of the gravel at the bottom of an aquarium. Once you have the charcoal ready add to the bottom of the bottle. Then, add sand and grass to the top of the bottle to give it a nice layer of extra filtration.

Now your ready to take this filter for a spin. Find some water in a lake or somewhere and pour it into the top of the funnel. Which is actually the bottom of a 2 liter that has been cut off and turned upside down to make your funnel for the filter.

Repeat this process with the same water until the water is clearer and looks better. This could take several attempts. Just keep filtering the same water. Should you think that your filter is getting full of debris, you can always repeat the steps above to get a fresh filter made up in no time. Considering the worst part would be getting the bottle prepared out at a campsite.

Once the water is to the clear level of acceptance. We highly recommend boiling it to get any and all leftover microscopic contaminants killed off. Remember dirty water can really make one very very sick. And, when out camping there isn’t always medical treatment right around the corner. So, proceed with caution on this.